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The swimming pool is one of the most important parts of your outdoor area. It gives a distinct edge to any home. It adds an element of luxury, comfort, and convenience to any area it is installed. A swimming pool elevates the overall appearance of a structure and amplifies its beauty. However, swimming pool care and maintenance can be a tricky and complex task. It demands careful attention and systematic cleaning schedules to retain the efficacy and a proper level of hygiene in the pool. The Pool Palace is one of the leading retail pool shops in Australia. We have an array of pool maintenance equipment, pool heating systems, pool cleaners, etc that helps one to maintain a pool with ease. Our team of expert professionals is highly skilled and trained. They have immense technical knowledge of pool cleaning and pool maintenance. They help you choose the best robotic pool cleaners that cater to your specific needs and offer you long-term peace of mind. We have a fleet of some of the advanced robotics pool cleaners that ensures efficient cleaning and great functioning. Our robotic cleaners always offer the ultimate cleaning results.


The Functioning Of Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic Pool cleaners are driven by an electric motor and have a pump as well as filters. The electric pump exerts the right amount of pressure and enables the filter to collect debris and dust from the pool. Aussies highly prefer robotic pool cleaners for their precision, excellent cleaning and great outcome. A robotic pool cleaner is as good as a self-direct vacuum cleaner that can clean the pool with efficiency.

Here Are Some Striking Features Of Our Robotic Pool Cleaners

  • Unmatched Cleaning: One of the greatest features of robotic pool cleaners is its ability to systemise and streamline pool cleaning. A robotic pool cleaner operates on sensors, logics, and is equipped with controls. This enables a user to navigate the robot swiftly and get the cleaning job done with minimal effort.
  • Excellent coverage: A robotic pool cleaner offers wide coverage. The reach in every nook and corner of the swimming pool 
  • Expert brushing and scrubbing: A robotic pool cleaner not only vacuums a pool but also brush and scrubs them as well. The brush makes sure to remove the debris stuck with the help of its high-speed scrub systems.
  • Advanced filtration systems: Our robotic pool cleaners are power packed with independent pool filtration systems that enable the robot to remove debris from the water and filter it as it moves.
  • High suction power: Our range of advanced robotic pool cleaners have strong suction power capacity. The suction power ranges up to 250 Litres per minute enabling flawless and quick pool cleaning.

The Next Generation Pool Cleaning

Pool Palace comprehends the power of the robotic pool cleaner and its ability to offer great convenience to its users. Therefore, we bring to you the next generation pool-cleaning systems that provide great value for money to its users. We aim to provide our patrons with technologically advanced and user-friendly robotic pool cleaners that make pool cleaning a stress-free task. Connect with us now to view our range of robotic pool cleaners in Australia.

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