Therachlor Chlorinator (Residential)


The energy efficient Therachlor Mineral Chlorinator has been designed with your needs in mind. It combines a sleek design with user-friendly navigation to provide all the functionality and flexibility you need to create the perfect control unit. Compatible with mineral and salt pools operating at a low TDS level of 3000ppm.

Available in 25g and 35g

Therachlor SMC chlorinator represents the next generation in swimming pool chlorination technology. Fully automated and featuring a Switch Mode power supply, Therachlor is a highly energy efficient swimming pool sanitation system. It will save you time and money and reduce your carbon footprint while maintaining a cleaner and healthier pool.  With a simple to navigate digital interface and a backlit LCD, Therachlor is easy to set up and operate.


Therachlor Chlorinator (Residential)

Features & Benefits

  • Chlorinator compatible with all salt and mineral water pools operating at a low TDS level of 3000ppm. This is up to a 50% reduction when compared to traditional salt pools.
  • Switch Mode power supply for greater energy efficiency.
  • Switch Mode power supply providing greater cell output per cm2.
  • Switch Mode power supply significantly reduces internal heating, providing greater longevity of all internal components.
  • Pump protection power cutoff.
  • Backlit LCD display.
  • Dual layered LCD display for easy viewing.
  • Digital interface with simple software navigation menu.
  • Reverse polarity cell with self cleaning capability.
  • Slimline power pack for reduced unit size.
  • Rubber inserts moulded onto cell head for easy cell removal.
  • Transparent cell housing for easy visual access.
  • Innovative internal cell design improves water hydrodynamics over the electrodes.
  • Cell electrodes constructed from the highest grade titanium for increased cell lifespan.
  • Single button Shock feature with variable running time between 1 – 24hrs.
  • Re-engineered cell connection terminals simplify connection and reduce corrosion.


Featuring reverse polarity self-cleaning cell, grade 1 titanium coated electrodes for longer life and Switch Mode Chlorinator technology, Therachlor provides greater output per square centimetre of cell material when compared to conventional chlorinators. The Switch Mode power supply delivers a precisely controlled electrical current with lower energy consumption for longer cell life. It also features pump protection, a low salt alarm, single button shock dose automation with adjustable time settings, a 24-hour timer with multiple timing set points and digital output control from 10% – 100%. You can set this chlorinator to cater to your every need and relax in knowing your pool will remain crystal clear all year round.

Therachlor’s sleek contemporary design eliminates the need for space within the filter box, and its fixed mounting bracket makes installation easy. This state of the art mineral chlorinator that enhances the health of your water whilst automating your sanitation, allowing you peace of mind and free time.

Inside the housing, hydraulically engineered cell casing ensures maximum water flow across the electrodes for even greater energy efficiency.

Although we recommend operating a Therachlor chlorinator in conjunction with a mineral enhanced additive, the unit is compatible with conventional pool salt. Requiring only half the salt quantity of a standard pool, a Therachlor chlorinator controlled pool is much more economical to operate and a lot more gentle on the skin.


3 year warranty

Mineral Swimming Pool

While building a new pool, one of the major concerns is the type of structure and water treatment system you will use for the new swimming pool. It is necessary to choose a water treatment system that amplifies your swimming experience as it leaves a positive impact on your mental and physical health.

Pool Palace aids you throughout the process. We assist you to choose the right water treatment systems that smoothen the overall functioning of your pool and meets all your requirements. We have an experience of over one decade in supplying edge apart supplies for mineral swimming pools. We have the best mineral additives that function optimally with the swimming pool systems; for a healthier alternative that is gentle on skin.

Enhance The Quality Of Pool Water With The Best Mineral Swimming Pool Systems

Mineral additives consist of magnesium in a limited amount. This naturally occurring mineral has a good effect on our health as well as the quality of water. The addition of magnesium gives the water a natural like feel and flow. Apart from this, from a therapeutic perspective, adding mineral additives and salts in bathing or swimming water can help you to thoroughly relax as well. 

Our mineral swimming pool systems and equipment aim at creating a swimming pool that offers you maximum relaxation, leisure, and ease.

Here Are Some Benefits Of A Mineral Swimming Pool

  1. Facilitates Your Health And Wellbeing: 
  2. Swimming in a mineral swimming pool can provide your body with a sufficient dose of needed minerals, such as magnesium. It can help your body to relax and detoxify too. The naturally occurring magnesium in mineral swimming pools is known to be great for detoxification. It detoxifies and balances the body, brightening skin and releasing stress. It can also provide you great relief from aches, tension and pain. 

  3. No Smell Or Irritation To Skin:
  4. Chlorine pools have an impact on your skin. It can sometimes cause rashes and irritation as well. Whereas mineral swimming pools do not contain chlorine or any harsh chemicals. They do not have any residue or weird peculiar smell. Mineral swimming pools are gentle on your skin and do not cause any rashes or irritation.

  5. Natural Freshwater: 
  6. The natural minerals such as magnesium and potassium are one of the healthiest alternatives to chlorine and other harsh chemicals. These minerals help you get safe and crystal-clear natural water, that remains hygienic even while people are in the pool.

  7. Positive Impact On The Environment:
  8. Mineral Swimming pool operate with ease. They do not require an extensive use of harsh chemicals for the function of the swimming pool. There even is no backwash water consisting of chemicals or residue for disposal. Mineral Swimming Pool helps one reduce their carbon footprint and contribute a small part to the environment.

  9. Energy Efficient:
  10. One of the most prominent features of mineral swimming pools is its energy efficiency. A mineral swimming pool does not demand an extensive amount of energy for operation. Mineral swimming pools also reduce water consumption as well as water wastage.

Consult The Experts For The Best Mineral Swimming Pools

Pool Palace are the leaders in building efficient and stylish mineral swimming pools across Australia. We have an array of mineral swimming pool systems and equipment to cater to your various needs. If you have any queries or questions concerning the mineral swimming pool and its systems. Get in touch with us now!