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Theralux Pool Automation

As you will see a swimming pool in the majority of the houses in Sydney. And in most of these houses, you will find people complaining about the inconveniences of maintaining their swimming pools. You have to periodically change the filters, clean the pool, and do lots of other things to maintain your pool’s opulence. However, there is a much efficient, convenient and better way to handle all these things. You can get a pool automation system for your swimming pool area. So, what exactly do you mean by pool automation, and how can it benefit your swimming pool? Where should you go for the installation of such an automation system in Sydney? We have all the answers for you below!

Theralux Active™ Pool+ Manager
Easy to use automation for your pool

Connect your pool with your lifestyle. Manage and control your pool, spa, heating requirements and garden lighting from the palm of your hand, in one easy to use app, from the comfort of your couch or whilst you are on the move.

Designed to also remove the hassle from pool and spa operation, Pool+ Manager brings simplicity to owning and operating a pool.

Ease of use

No more climbing into hard to reach filter boxes, operating pumps, lights and heaters from different locations or switching pool and garden lights from different devices.
Experience the freedom and control of activating your pool with your smartphone, with Theralux Active™ Pool+ Manager.

Remote Access

Aligning with your lifestyle, you can now
leave work and with just a touch, have
your spa heated and bubbling away for
your arrival home.


Theralux Pool Automation

Features & Benefits

• 2 standard GPO’s plus 3 per expansion module
• 4 actuators which control the flow of water to different pool equipment
• Manage up to 8 power sockets with 2 expansion modules
• Includes pump speed control
• Set up to 4 different filtration times

Equipment you can control

• Filter Pump
• Cleaning Pump
• Chlorinator
• Solar (pump or valve)
• Gas Heater
• Heat Pump
• Water Features
• Spa
• Spa Blower
• Spa Light
• Garden Light and more!
• Jet Pump



Modular design
The expansion modules are also easily adapted,
so you can control up to 8 different items
of equipment.
Designed to be completely modular and can
accommodate almost all pool control requirements.


3 years on controller

3 years on expansion modules

3 years on sensors

Why Come To Pool Palace?

Swimming pool cleaning and maintaining service has a big industry across the country. And you will find many good companies nearby from whom you can purchase this excellent Theralux Active Pool Manager in Sydney. So, why put your trust in Pool Palace and its service? Which benefits do you receive when you buy pool automation panels from Pool Palace?  Let’s find out below! 

Expertise At Automation System Installation

As you know, a pool automation system installation could become a total mess if you try to do it on your own. And that is why you should always hire a professional pool maintenance company such as Pool Palace in Sydney. 

We will come to your place and install the pool automation panel as per the guidelines & instructions laid down in the manufacturer’s handbook. Our team has installed many hundreds of Theralux Active Pool Manager systems in Sydney. And thus, you can trust our team with your installation, up-gradation and maintenance requirements!   

Receive The Best Quotes In Sydney

It’s important to get a quote from a company that can offer you the best deal when it comes to pool automation systems. To get the best out of your investment for installing Theralux Active Pool+ Manager altogether, you can call us as we will make sure to give you the best price for pool automation systems in and around Sydney. Over the years, we have supplied Theralux Active Pool Manager to hundreds of homeowners and commercial place owners in Sydney. And that too at the best price in the market.   

Due to our excellent relationship with the Theralux company, we can procure various Theralux products at low-costs. Thus, we make sure to pass on these monetary benefits to our customers in and around Sydney! So, don’t bother visiting other swimming pool cleaning & maintaining service providers when you have the best company right in front of you. We are just one call away from making your acquaintance!    

Wait, There’s More!

  • At Pool Palace, you can browse through many Theralux and other leading brands in Australia. 
  • You can hire us for pool cleaning, installing equipment, and pool water testing services at affordable rates! 
  • Our team will quickly respond to your call and visit your place for convenient swimming pool cleaning services. You can ask them anything, and they will answer your calls without any delay! 

So, hurry up and enquire about the best pool automation panel for your swimming pool at Pool Palace.