Instore Water Testing

Get Your Pool Water Tested In-Store at Pool Palace

Best Instore Water Testing In Sydney

Water Testing System

Our instore water testing system is the best in the industry.

Simply bring your bottle of water into the shop and we will spin your water through our computer test to give you the most accurate readings. We will then give you the correct instruction on what, when and how to add the chemicals into your water. All your pool water tests are stored on file for your own knowledge and can be brought back up at any time.

Why is it so important to test your water

It is extremely important to regularly test your water to ensure its healthy and stop any bacterial infections for if not just yourself but your children. We also highly advise people to maintain specific chemicals in their water to keep the shell and body of their pool healthy and strong so it can have a long lasting life and prevent any renovations or resurfacing when possible, this can cost fortunes.

Ask our experienced staff about all the different levels and why they are so important to stay balanced.


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