The Theraclear range of swimming pool media filters are the toughest filter on the market and have been designed specifically for Australian conditions.

Suitable for most sized residential swimming pools.
Available in 254, 255 and 285

The revolutionary twin layered tank consists of a strong internal Polyethylene inner layer, reinforced with a robust and durable fibreglass outer layer which ensures an exceptional lifespan.


Theraclear Media Filters

Features & Benefits

  • Choose from three sized models: 25” 40mm, 25” 50mm and 28” 50mm.
  • Twin layered filter tank provides extra strength for a longer life.
  • Simple to use six-way multiport valve for easy operation.
  • High flow filter tank internals provide supreme water recirculation.
  • Top diffuser allows even distribution of water over the filtration media bed.
  • UV resistant materials allow operation in direct sunlight.
  • Clamp lock-on valve allows 360-degree rotation for easy installation.
  • Clear in-line backwashing sight glass to help easily monitor your media filter.
  • High quality oil filled pressure gauge.
  • ABS internal lateral assembly.
  • Robust base.


The Theraclear pool media’s twin layered tank sets the benchmark for swimming pool water filtration. Used in conjunction with Theraclear Glass Filter Media, it delivers deep bed filter penetration for better water flow, decreasing the loading on your pump. It provides finer filtration and reduced backwash frequency—and less backwashing means less money wasted on chemicals and water.

By cutting wear and tear, water and expense, the Theraclear filter gives you more of one thing: time to enjoy your swimming pool.

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Theraclear Cartridge Filters


The Theraclear CF range will provide you with trouble free filtration and crystal clear water. The cartridge pool filters are all constructed from high impact polypropylene and designed to make maintenance simple.

Available in CF135, CF180 and CF225 (Most residential pool sizes are covered)

The compact design allows these pool filters to be placed within the smallest of plant rooms without sacrificing any water filtration capabilities.



Theraclear Cartridge Filters

Features & Benefits

  • Air relief valve.
  • Easy to read pressure gauge.
  • Hand operated locking ring allowing access to cartridge filter element.
  • Solid one piece polymer tank.
  • Low profile tank design allows easy removal of the cartridge element for cleaning purposes.
  • Cleaning is performed simply by hosing the element down with a standard garden hose.
  • Heavy duty polyester filtration fabric with wide deep pleats provides better filtration efficiency, easier cleaning and longer cartridge life.
  • 50mm quick connect barrel unions for PVC pipe connections.


The internal cartridge pool filter element has been fabricated from pleated re-usable polyester fabric. The design of the internal pleating allows for maximum storage capacity of foreign matter and also aids in the cleaning process which promotes a longer life.

With three filter sizes in the range all pool volumes are catered for.


10 year tank warranty (5+5)
1 year on all other components.

Theraclear Cartridge Filters Image 2