Ultrapure Pool Salt

Ultrapure Pool Salt
  • Ultra long cell life
  • Ultra fast dissolving
  • Ultra free flowing
  • Ultra easy handling
  • Ultra safe food quality
Clearly, Ultrapure Pool Salt is the ultimate choice for you, your business and your customers. Because Ultrapure is essentially free of minerals such as iron, manganese and calcium, it will decrease pool staining and extend cell life compared to other pool salts. Ultrapure will not prevent staining due to poor pool maintenance or poor water quality. Ultra packaging There’s pure brilliance in the ease and safety of Ultrapure’s innovative packaging. Clear, high-strength, non-slip P/E 20kg bags that are:
  • simple to carry
  • simple to open
  • simple to pour
Superior satisfaction Ultrapure will add satisfaction, confidence and value all round – for your customers and for you. And you will never look back from our personalised, no-call-centre ordering system and streamlined shipping process.

Salt Water Pool

Specialised Salt Water Pools The popularity of Salt Water Pools is increasing by the day, especially in Australia. You can now commonly see saltwater pools in various locations like hotels, clubs, cruise ships, and elsewhere. Increasingly, individual houses in Australia are shifting to salt water pools as they offer many advantages. The main difference between traditional chlorine pools and salt water pools are in the structural set-ups and the methods of cleaning. Chlorine pools are treated by using chlorine sticks or tablets, while saltwater pools are treated using salt. Through the process of electrolysis, there is a natural conversion of the salt to chlorine inside the pool itself. The Advantages Of Using Saltwater Pools Over The Chlorine Pools Are:
  • Gentle To Skin And Eyes – One supreme advantage of saltwater pools is the reduction in eye irritation that is generally observed in chlorine pools. Salt is known to detoxify skin and gives your skin a boost.
  • Reduction Of Stress – Not just physical benefits, salt water is known to alleviate mental anxiety and reduce mental stress. The calming and detoxifying effects of saltwater provide the effects of calmness and relaxation.
  • Smell – Saltwater pools do not have the rather pungent chlorine odour that is bothersome to many.
  • Maintenance – A saltwater pool is much easier to maintain and clean compared to a traditional pool.
  • Cost Advantage – While installing saltwater pools is costly compared to chlorine pools, over the long run, it costs less in maintenance, and requires fewer ingredients to be added, and hence in the long term saltwater pools are more cost-effective.
At Pool Palace, we strive to provide the right kind of saltwater swimming pool equipment, accessories, and ingredients to help you enjoy the ultimate swimming pool experience. We have been in this industry for more than 15 years, serving customers all over Australia with the same enthusiasm and vigour as when we started. We not only help you build and design an efficient and beautiful saltwater pool but also offer various services and ingredients that help you maintain the pool for a long time. What We Bring To The Table Are:
  • Efficiency – All our equipment stocked are high-quality products sourced from trusted vendors. This makes our saltwater pool more efficient in terms of water wastage and cleaning.
  • Automation – You can enjoy a high-quality bathing environment through the power of automated dosing and automated periodic testing. We have an inbuilt pH and chlorine management system that periodically checks the pH, microbe level, concentration of minerals, and salt and comes up with recommendations of what needs to be done.
  • Range Of Connectivity Options – You can integrate your pool equipment with smartphones or tablets to monitor your pool parameters on a real-time basis.
  • High-quality Ingredients – We supply you high-quality salt that you need to periodically add to the pool to keep the pool in excellent condition for extended periods of time. Using our mineral ingredients, you can convert your saltwaterpool into a luxurious bathing experience.
  • Cleaning System – Pool Palace not only guides you in when to clean your saltwater pools but also equips you with the equipment required for cleaning the pool.
Call our friendly staff now to know more about the various design and services available for saltwater pools.

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