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Green Pool Treatment Service

The team at Pool Palace specialise in green pool treatments. A green pool treatment is when we turn your pool from green to clean using our combination of specialty chemicals required to bring your pool back to life. There are many reasons a pool can go green, such as weather conditions, lack of maintenance, equipment failure, or incorrect dosage of chemicals. All of this is apart of owning a pool, there isn’t a person out there who will not experience a green pool through their time and that’s ok. A green pool treatment is usually a 1 week procedure minimum so be sure not to wait, when this does occur make sure to get in touch with our professional team to get on to this for you right away.

What Is Included In A Green Pool Treatment

A green pool treatment usually consists of the following:
  • Photo or onsite inspection
  • Removing large debris
  • Water testing and adding specialty chemicals accordingly
  • Allowing time for the chemicals to do there job through 1-5 dayprocedure depending on the situation
  • Returning to do a manual vacuum of debris and dead algae to waste
  • Re-testing clean water
  • Balancing the water accordingly to make healthy to use

Note: All pool situations are different so photos or an onsite inspection of the swimming pool may be requested before given an accurate quote.


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