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Equipment Installations

Our professional team at Pool Palace provide a full range of equipment covering all major brands within the industry and also install it. When it comes to equipment it is always suggested to seek expert advice before making your purchase. Equipment installations are very important. They need to be correctly sized for your pool and existing equipment, it also needs to be correctly installed. Most equipment in the modern error also come with an internal electrical component which will require settings to be set such as timers, dosage rates and mode settings. Our highly experienced staff will not only install the model but run you through what you need to know to maintain the products in the future.

Equipment We Install

Some of the equipment we install are:
  • Pool Pumps
  • Sand/Glass Filters
  • Cartridge Filters
  • Salt Chlorinators
  • Mineral Chlorinators
  • Ph and ORP Doses
  • Pool Automation
  • Pool Lights
  • Fresh Water Systems
  • Chlorinator Cells
  • Pool Cleaners
  • Gas Heating
  • Electric Heating
  • Water Features
  • Jet Pumps

Note: All pool situations are different so photos or an onsite inspection of the swimming pool may be requested before given an accurate quote.


Equipment Installation By Pool Palace

To sustain an enjoyable swimming pool, you need to install a few systems around it. Otherwise, it becomes too difficult to clean, filter and maintain your swimming pool. At Pool Palace, we supply branded equipment from Theralux, Dolphin, Hayward, Pentair, Sunny Life, etc. So, you don’t have to worry about the quality or functionality of our equipment.
  • Theralux Pool Automation: You can control your pool, spa, heating and garden lighting with just a few touches on your smartphone. Our Pool Automation System by Theralux gives you the most convenient option to manage your pool and spa system. So, call us for a hassle-free equipment installation of the Pool Automation System.
  • TheraluxWMS: A complete solution for your pool’s pH and ORP levels. This water management system will analyse your pool and add sanitisation and chemical/minerals to balance the pH levels. The entire system is automated and thus, saves a lot of your time on maintenance.
  • Pool Filters: We have a range of Theraclear filters for your swimming pool. After we are done with this equipment installation, you can easily remove the dirt, debris, and harmful bacteria from the pool water.
  • Pool Chlorinator: Theralux SMC25 Chlorinator allows you to add mineral additives to the pool. Therefore, you and your family can enjoy a healthy swim in the pool. Magnesium, when added to the water, gives a natural feel and therapeutic effect to your body.
  • Pool Pumps: Get efficient water flow for your swimming pool with our Theraflo S Series pool pumps. You can check our website to know more details about these pumps before calling us for equipment installation.
Apart from the equipment listed above, we also supply Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners and branded pool heating systems. So, you can pick the equipment that you need for your swimming pool at the Pool Palace store! We will definitely give you the best deal in the market when you hire us for equipment installation!

Long-Term Benefits For You

You would only invest in a service that provides you with the best value for your money. And at Pool Palace, you are exactly going to get this when you hire us for equipment installation.

  • ● We carefully check your pool area and then recommend pool equipment accordingly.

  • ● Our skilled technicians will make sure to finish the equipment installation procedure before the deadline. So, we can be out of your nose as soon as the equipment gets installed.

  • ● Pool Palace has top-quality primers, pipes, threaded connections, pipe fittings and other essential resources for your project.

  • ● You will receive an assured warranty from our pool equipment.

  • ● Our customer support team is always available to help solve your queries!

So, call us today for affordable and convenient equipment installation for all kinds of swimming pools in Sydney!

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