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Pool Palace has access to supply the best heating options and brands within the industry.

We specialise in Electric Heating using all different types of Heat Pumps to suit the consumer’s needs. The types of Heat Pumps on the market are non-inverted and inverted.

The most common and cost efficient heat pumps on the market are inverted, inverted can heat at the same capacity while only consuming a small percentage of power, this makes the inverted models very entertaining to the consumer as the electricity costs will be a lot less then running a non-inverted heat pump.

Pool heat pumps are made to run over a long period of time aiming to keep the consistent heat in your water, turning on and off as it needs to. This is all controlled by a flow switch and thermostat sensor.

Heat pumps have become so popular mainly due to its cost efficient design. The most common heat pumps sold at Pool Palace.

Heat Pumps

Theratherm Side Mount 9.5kw - 26kw

The Theratherm Inverter Series of Heat Pumps are Australia’s favourite heating system
Pool Palace also supply and install a range of Gas Heaters. Pool gas heaters are more expensive then your ordinary heater in running costs but will heat your pool up a lot faster. Gas heaters are made to heat more on demand. Although electric heat pumps have made such a large impact in the industry the gas heaters are still in big demand.
Pool Palace have access from some very well-known gas heating suppliers such as:
As you can see we like to stock options. We hold quite a large range of heaters on display in our store. Feel free to drop in to the Bexley shop and look at the different types and designs in person. The staff will be happy to talk and guide you through the options and procedures so you can be on your way to enjoying a much longer swimming season.

Pool Heating Service

Pool Palace provide a simple hassle free service when purchasing a heating system. We do all of this following a standard procedure to make sure we get the right size heater for your pool and that you have the facilities and space needed to make this purchase. The main things to expect are:
  • Size of the your swimming pool
  • Your desired heated temperature
  • How fast do you intend to hit the desired temperature
  • What months you wish to swim (summer + shoulder season, all year)
  • What is your power or gas supply available
  • What is your budget
It is always important to set yourself a budget when contemplating heating. Reason being if you can afford to go larger we always highly recommend this as it will allow your pool to heat faster and allow you to run your heater with less time consumption.Pool Palace experienced technician’s will come and provide an onsite inspection if necessary. We can also provide you with an electrician or plumber if needed. This means we will complete the whole job from start to finish without any complicated part of chasing different trades to do different parts of the job. For any questions or a quotation please enquire below.


Professional Heated Swimming Pool Maintenance Services In Australia

We are a leading Pool Heating maintenance company in Bexley. Having such expert professionals at our organisation who are prepared to take on every pool-related issue is always a blessing. We work as per the requirements of our clients and make necessary recommendations as and when needed. Our team tries to keep our clients aware, so they know what type of material, equipment and other tools we are using, and how we are going to complete the whole process. We have many years of expertise in fixing, maintaining and removing various sizes and shapes of pools. We aim to provide exceptional pool maintenance services that can optimally enhance the leisure experience of our patrons. Get in touch with us now to avail our professional Pool Heating services in Sydney.

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