Best Troubleshooting In Sydney

Our Team at Pool Palace are equipped with all the knowledge needed help get your problems sorted. Keeping a pool clean is not always about having your water chemistry level balanced but having your pool circulation and cleaning system working at top quality. Our experienced team will be able to help fix any issues that you will come across throughout your years of having a pool.

The issues you may find you are struggling with are:

  • Pool cleaner not moving anymore
  • No vacuum suction
  • Pump not priming
  • Cell is not producing chlorine
  • Leaking pool equipment
  • Timers not working
  • Pump not working
  • No water flow
  • Pool keeps going dirty
  • Pool keeps going green
  • Pool cleaner moving slower than usual
  • Losing a lot of water
These are a few but not all of the common issues we find that need regular troubleshooting in the industry.   

If you are in need of our help send us an enquiry below and we will be happy to help.   

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