Theralux Enhanced Minerals

Theralux 100% Earth Minerals (Enhanced Mineral Additive)

Have you ever considered getting the best out of your swimming pool? You can transform your routine swim or a bath in your swimming pool to the one you experience in a resort or a full-time spa service. And it’s very easy to do so. You just need to add mineral additives to your pool. Yes, after doing so, you and your family will feel like diving into the best swimming pool in the country. Theralux is the perfect mineral additive for your spa & swimming pool in Sydney. This enhanced mineral additive is jam-packed with all the ingredients that you need for your swimming pool. And it’s pretty easy to procure this product from us. But before we take you to the order placement section for Theralux minerals solution, let’s see a few important details for the same! What Is Theralux? Theralux’s 100% Earth Minerals (Enhanced Mineral Additive), is a unique blend of natural occurring minerals, rich in magnesium that when added to a pool or spa enhances water quality and provides health and wellbeing benefits to the bather. Available in: Pool and Spa pack size. By using the 100% Earth Minerals, you are creating a magneisum rich mineral bathing destination in your own backyard, allowing you and your family to bathe in soft and natural feeling water. It is simple, affordable and life changing.
Features & Benefits
Theralux 100% Earth Minerals (Enhanced Mineral Pool Additive) will provide the following benefits to you:
  • Produce soft and natural feeling water
  • Moisturise your skin as you swim
  • Gentle on sensitive skin (perfect for those you suffer from eczema and dermatitis)
  • Provide natural relief to muscular complaints
  • Relaxes your nervous system
  • Conditions your hair, allowing you to easily comb your hair after a swim
  • Produce a mild flocking agent enhancing water providing crystal clear quality
  • Produce an anti-scaling agent assisting in giving longer life to salt cells, tile lines and other areas of your pool that are susceptible to calcium build up
The additive will moisturise your skin whilst you swim and will not leave your body feeling dry and in need of a shower. Bathers should experience a pleasant feel with little to no taste. For those with sensitive skin, and other sensitive skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis, then Theralux will most certainly be a more gentle and softer body of water. An additional feature of the Theralux 100% Earth Minerals is that they have mild flocking capabilities which help to filter the extremely fine microscopic particulate matter (dust, dirt etc) providing a crystal clear swimming pool all year round. This also reduces your requirement for specialty chemicals like clarifiers and algaecides which means more money in your back pocket. Even further, it will also assist in maintaining better water balance and reduce pH fluctuation, meaning you can spend more time enjoying your pool! The Theralux 100% Earth Minerals can be added to any pool or spa to improve the swimming experience, however we recommend using the 100% Earth Minerals in conjunction with the entire Theralux Mineral Pool System to unlock the full potential of natural mineral bathing.
Why Buy From Pool Palace?
Today, you have tons of options when it comes to swimming pool maintenance services. Then why should you trust Pool Palace when there are other pools and spa equipment suppliers in Sydney? Well, there are more than one reasons why you should buy this top-quality mineral additive from us. And we would be more than happy to present these reasons to you below.
We Provide The Best Deal
Whether it is Theralux or any other pool cleaning, sanitisation and maintenance product, we will provide you with the best offers in Sydney. You can purchase this brilliant essential pool mineral additive at an affordable cost at Pool Palace. Call us today or visit the Pool Palace website and enquire about the price for this Theralux product which weighs 15 kg.
Get Complete Assistance
Have any queries or doubts on your mind regarding the 100% earth mineral from Theralux? Then you don’t have to worry as our customer care service will be at your service all along. Our fully trained team will answer every one of your questions for mineral additives and other pool cleaning services available at Pool Palace. Thus, you don’t have to look elsewhere when you come in contact with our esteemed swimming pool services in Sydney!
Browse Other Theralux Products
Apart from the essential mineral additive, we also supply other products from Theralux across Sydney. You can come to us for everything from the water management system to heat pumps and from filters to pool pumps. Hundreds of people have purchased Theralux Enhanced Minerals and other pool management systems. And we recommend you to follow in their footsteps to receive the finest service at very low prices in Sydney!  Call us or visit the Pool Palace website today, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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