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Acid Wash Service

The team at Pool Palace do acid washes regularly. An acid wash service is recommended where a customer has let their pool go out of control. Pools may go out of control in many different ways. It could be the fact that there equipment was broken down, bad water management, lack of maintenance or lack of usage. Another completely different reason for requesting an acid wash service would be the fact that you have a stubborn stain on the pool that chemicals can no longer impact or you may have calcium deposits building up on the surface of your swimming pool through bad water management or incorrect maintenance. If these problems sound familiar to you then request a quote with our expert team.

What Is Included In The Service

An acid wash usually consists of the following:
  • Emptying the customers pool
  • Pressure cleaning the surface
  • Applying correct dosage necessary to stained area
  • Scrubbing and cleaning the stained area
  • Removing excess water and debris from the pool
  • Returning to commission equipment
  • Necessary chemicals to start up

    Note: All pool situations are different so photos or an onsite inspection of the swimming pool may be requested before given an accurate quote.

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