Swimming Pool Services In Sydney

Regular Pool Clean Services

Our regular services are provided for those who need us to maintain their swimming pool all year round on a regular basis. Most common frequencies are fortnightly, weekly and monthly services.


All regular services are done by our trained and qualified full time pool tech professionals. This also means if for any reason an unexpected event may occur which leads to damaging on your property rest assure we are insured and will cover any of  the damages.

Our top of the range pool testing equipment and water management systems means that we can give you the most accurate water chemistry results available.
All services are tested through the world famous Palintest water testing system and stored into the pool management software which backs up to the shop for everlasting records to assure each tech knows everything they need know when dealing with your swimming pool. These results can also be emailed to the customer on request to give them a piece of mind before letting their children or themselves into the water as safety is everything when it comes to swimming.


Not only are our technicians trained to give you the best service possible but they are trained to know your pool system and everything about it. We check pool systems thoroughly as apart of all regular services each visit to give you an update on when a parts maybe coming to the end of life or need replacing, this allows you to fix the issue before your pool turning green and adding more to your expense.
We also assure that all our regular customers are put on priority list for new equipment and extra discounting with prices. Contact us for any further questions or if you would like to sign up today.


Pool Cleaning Services

All cleaning service prices vary on condition of swimming pools. Our team provide all types of  pool cleaning services from one off cleans to green pool treatments. Usually a green pool treatment consists of 2-3 visits depending on how bad it is and how long the pool has been green for.
A one off all clean and go over is usually very common especially before  and after swimming season or a special occasion like birthdays etc. These usually consists of one visit.
We also do stain removal services (including blackspot algae, black copper plating, organic and metal) which most stains can be removed by chemicals which means you do not have to empty the swimming pool. Some other stains are to stubborn which may result in emptying of swimming pool and acid washing the surface to get the best quality result which our team specialise in.

Pre Plumbs and Pool Plumbing

Pool Palace specialise in pool plumbing for new and existing pools.
We can provide ideas and options for new pool owner builders to supply and install the ultimate set up to your back yard paradise. Including heating provisions and water features. Our goal is to make your pool as efficient and exciting as possible.
We also do moving of existing pipe work and equipment to other locations. Or help tidying up that old pump room and making more room for pool gear storage and chemicals or just storage in general. Any broken pipes or renovations we have you covered. Call our team for more information and request a free measure and quote on your next project.

Pool Equipment and Installations

We supply the best quality products available as we are an independent owned company and are not obliged to selling any particular brands and labels. All equipment chosen by the owner himself and is thoroughly looked over and chosen on performance and durability.
We do stock a wide range of products to suit every customers price range.
Pool Palace staff have done training on the whole range of pool equipment and we can not only install all your pool equipment but we can add more stuff to allow a better swimming pool experience and easy maintenance such a mineral bathing and automation systems to do everything for you.
Not only do we supply and install but we are happy to install your own purchased equipment if you are struggling with any DIY installations.
We install the full range of equipment such as;
sand/glass filters, cartridge filters, pool pumps, mineral chlorinators, salt chlorinators, automation system, gas heaters, electric heaters, pool covers and much more.

Pool Heating

Our staff well trained on all types of pool heating and specialize in Gas Pool Heaters and Electric Pool Heat Pumps.
Our heating range is the best the country has to offer, with brand names such as Hayward, Pentair, Evo-Heat and Therotherm heating.

Gas heaters are a very good option for instant heat. We can supply and install to allow you to use your pool on demand.
As for our most popular range which is the electric heat pumps, these are more for the on going heat so your pool is consistently warm and heat controlled through the entire swimming season or even the entire year if that is what you desire. It is also a much more cost efficient way of running a heating system. We can supply and install your heat pump and enjoy heating all year round at affordable prices.

Commercial Services

Pool Palace has a well known reputation for commercial strata properties and contract for some of biggest strata’s in Sydney.
We provide full maintenance and management  of the swimming pool including on going servicing of the pool equipment to ensure that the tenants have healthy water all year round and the pool is always ready to use through out the year.

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