pool magic hydrochloric acid 32% 15lt

Water Management System from Pool Palace

pool magic hydrochloric acid 32% 15lt (returnable drum)

Description Liquid Pool Acid Features Minimum available concentration is 320gm/lt
Hydrochloric AcidA larger capacity of acid mostly used for automatic dosing systems
Drum returnable
Benefits Lowers pH & Total Alkalinity in swimming pools & spas
Fast acting pH reducer
Consistent high quality
Application Dosage rate is dependent on the pH and Total Alkalinity level
Dosage rates indicated are only a guide
Pour directly into water – refer to directions for use
CAUTION Highly corrosive, wear appropriate personal protection equipment when using this product

The Functioning Of Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic Pool cleaners are driven by an electric motor and have a pump as well as filters. The electric pump exerts the right amount of pressure and enables the filter to collect debris and dust from the pool. Aussies highly prefer robotic pool cleaners for their precision, excellent cleaning and great outcome. A robotic pool cleaner is as good as a self-direct vacuum cleaner that can clean the pool with efficiency.

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