blackspot remover granules 1kg

Blackspot Remover Granules 1kg for Your Swimming Pool

pool magic blackspot remover granules 1kg

Description Concentrated Granular Algaecide Features 900gm/kg Available Chlorine present as Trichloroisocyanuric Acid
Highly concentrated
Not affected by high levels of Chlorine
Non-metallic to help prevent staining
Low pH
Slow Dissolving
Benefits Kills black spot algae on the surface of the swimming pool.
Ideal for majority of swimming pool surfaces especially pebblecrete, tiled and beads
Low pH promotes better performance
Granules can be directed towards affected area
Dissolves slowly – able to stay in contact with affected area longer
Application Adjust pH as close to 7.2 as possible
Place product directly onto the affected area by scattering and letting the thick granules sink to the floor– wait 24 – 36 hours
Scrub with wire brush if necessary
Not to be used in fibreglass pools as it could bleach the gel coat unless directed by professional
Dosage rates indicated are only a guide
Pack Sizes Available 1kg

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